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My Future Rereads

Things Fall Apart, China Achebe

Sophie’s World, Jostein Gaarder

Moby Dick, Herman Melville

The House of the Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne

Emily Dickinson’s Poems

Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon

Busman’s Honeymoon, Dorothy Sayers

Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

Jane Austen, all

My Future Reads

Daily Writing Prompt: What books do you want to read?

  • The House of Mirth, Edith Wharton
  • The Black Book, Orhan Pamuk
  • Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog, Jerome K. Jerome
  • Ulysses, James Joyce
  • The Golden Apples, Eudora Welty
  • Her Infinite Variety, Louis Auchincloss
  • Naked Sleeper, Sigrid Nunez
  • The City of the Sun, Tommaso Campanella
  • The Hunt for Vulcan, Thomas Levenson
  • What is Life?, Erwin Schrodinger
  • Doubt: A History, Jennifer Michael Hecht
  • The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science, Natalie Angier
  • The Wandering Earth, Liu Cixin
  • System Collapse, Martha Wells
  • The End of Eternity, Isaac Asimov
  • Bleeding Heart Yard, Elly Griffiths
  • Blood From a Stone, Donna Leon
  • Singing in the Shrouds, Ngaio Marsh
  • In the Teeth of the Evidence, Dorothy Sayers
  • To Love and Be Wise, Josephine Tey
  • Tender is the Bite, Spencer Quinn

Stacked in My Favor

The title of this YouTube video attracted me as much as those mama cat and talking parakeet videos.

According to the video, three reasons for owning a physical book are:

  • Can’t be easily edited or erased (I rant about this constantly so I agree)
  • Pass books down as heirlooms to family and friends (OKish idea)
  • Decor for shelves (I do have some and I did read them)

I must add three other reasons to own a physical book:

  • In case of an electrical system meltdown, a book is self-sufficient
  • A book can’t be beat when you want to refer to other pages (maps, timelines, name guides, family history, footnotes, drawings or photos – I use sticky notes on certain pages to refer back and forth, far easier than electronic searches).
  • Books are easier on my eyes than screens (unless the font is micro and the pages thin, than not)

Sometimes not owning a physical book is a good idea. Checking a book out from a library is better than ownership for these reasons:

  • Save money (I already pay taxes for this service so why not?)
  • My murder mystery books take only a few days to read (cost and clutter, see next point)
  • My bookshelf space is a limited and valuable piece of real estate (I don’t want to trip through a hallway lined with stacks of books)

Now I’ve got to go, I have to check out a Japanese cat hotel video. YouTube overload.