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A Man Ahead of His Time

Vice President Joe Biden launches a digital letter series he calls Sincerely Joe. A strong presence on a digital platform helps this year’s presidential candidates campaign in a time of social distancing.

I heard rumors that Biden went digital as far back as 1993. Impressive high-tech skills in a low-tech time.

Losing Weight for the New Year

Years ago, my grandmother’s doctor told her that she must lose weight. She asked him if he recommended any exercise for her to do. He said, “Yes, push yourself away from the kitchen table.”  Good advice.

But I will continue exercising beyond the kitchen table. Along with overall weight control, I am certain that exercise improves my cognitive and my mental health.

For days I racked my brain to remember where I put some important papers. After a half an hour on an elliptical machine at the gym, I had a eureka moment and remembered where I hid the papers. The brain works better when the body moves.

If I shut myself in my reading nook for too long with no social interaction (an enticing proposition) I begin to fear for my mental health. I must get out to the gym or an exercise class to interact with people and move my body. Exercise improves my mood.

Moving away from the table and moving at the gym are all good. Now I’m waiting for the payoff of my exercises in futility.

Sex, Math and Computers

The most valuable sex education lesson I learned took place in my high school geometry class. Computers and geeks mixed in with the sex ed.

Unlike my previous year in algebra, I loved geometry. How I went from barely passing to straight As in math, I’ll never know.

One day, my geometry teacher took us to a special room at school that housed a couple of computers. Nothing that I’m familiar with today, but large, mechanical desks with no screen that spit out punch tape and later ate it up again for the input and output of data.

Two guys in my class were already experts with these machines. They poked and prodded them into functioning. To everyone else, it was kind of magical yet boring at the same time. These geeks ended up with a four-year math/science college scholarship.

After our visit with the machines, our teacher told us that in the future every home will have a computer. That blew our minds, early 1970s style. What would we use it for? How many people could afford this thing? That computer looked bulky, complex, and unfriendly. The two geeks were the only fans.

Later in the semester, my teacher somehow brought up the  topic of sex in geometry class. He told us that sex takes up less than 1% of your time in married life. He ticked off necessary distractions such as working, shopping, cooking, childcare, cleaning, and whatever else needed to be done.

Today his lessons in love still stick. Although neither marriage nor heterosexual relationships are a given part to that theorem. Those few short minutes in some few short nights don’t seem to be worth the societal controversies. Whatever gets you through the night. A small part of our small time.

My first lesson with computers created an ambivalence within me which still remains. I love the possibilities and I hate my dependence. Like the human bond, deep feelings can move through the spectrum. An embrace may not be far removed from a push away.

Geometry class: you expanded the possibilities in my mind. I remember you fondly.