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Truth in Horoscopes

Veverican horoscope for October 2014:

  • This month starts out with a sunny disposition which continues throughout.
  • Hope for the future figures strongly by the 5th.
  • Feelings of being uprooted will occur during the first half of the month.
  • Celebrations abound early in the month.
  • Your world will be turned upside down on the 17th.
  • Exotic travel will take place in the third week.
  • You will meet a distinguished, attractive gentleman.
  • Guilty pleasures on the 29th.

The proof that astrology is real, my actual October events as follows:

  • Beautiful fall weather in my favorite month, October. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.
  • Baby shower, people still having babies.
  • Planted a new tree in the backyard.
  • Son, great-nephew, and good friend have birthdays.
  • Did a shoulder stand in yoga.
  • Traveled by train to Toronto, Canada.
  • Had a drink with Roger Sterling from Mad Men in Toronto.*
  • Used last year’s Christmas gift certificate for a massage. Felt guilty for the selfish, pampering hour.

*Actually Roger drank alone across the bar from us. He drank a beer, not straight whiskey. He wore a baseball hat and jeans, not a suit. He wore a wedding ring, left the bar alone. Maybe it was some guy named John.


My Sign Is Veverican

The astrological sign Veverican is portrayed by a squirrel standing on its hind legs while holding a black walnut. The zodiac symbol is ℑ. The ruling planet is Vesta which is actually a large asteroid that lies within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Unlike the Greek gods that rule the other signs, Veverican is represented by the Norse god Loki.

The main drive of a Veverican is solitude. Extremely introverted, this person thrives on alone time where they recharge. Intense social settings make this person overtired. They do not meet social expectations and may have poor social skills.

A hard worker in the workplace, but doesn’t find passion in the work they perform. Others think they are very self-confident, but this is an illusion since this sign usually lacks self-esteem. Appears capable at work but does not feel it.

Despite social issues, are often lucky in love only after suffering poor relationships. Often parents successful children.

If not careful, has a propensity toward nihilism. People born under this sign should refrain from reading anything by Nietzsche. With a Scorpio moon, this person can become depressed. Exercise is the most useful method to ward off possible debilitating depression for this sign. A Veverican dwells in ambiguity and fluctuates between good and evil impulses, much like its god Loki.

People born under this sign should not play poker since they are bad liars. Backgammon is preferable.

They cannot tolerate excessive heat and should avoid summers in tropical climates. Global warming sends them to the polar regions.

Prefers a low-clutter environment. Disorganized living spaces make them nervous and unhappy. Zen and yoga are their friends. Selects minimalism over baroque when given a choice.

If combined with a Leo on the ascendant, traveling too far and too long from home may cause anxiety. Home is their sanctuary. A natural-born loner, will not garner a large crowd at their funeral.