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Stop Being So Biocentric

Why the concern over climate change? The Industrial Revolution was a revolution of the machine that shows no sign of ending. Machines need vast amounts of earthly resources to be built and to operate. The computer networks, powered by fossil fuels warehoused in massive buildings, greatly increase climate change since pollution is a big part of the mechanical thing. Our machines matter more than our climate.

Many humans hate the limits of their flesh and wish to merge with the mechanical. To be smarter, faster, and immortal by erasing the boundaries between humanity and computers. Computers promise immortality by programming our online selves into a machine that can mimic our personality, thoughts, feelings and thereby live forever. Or at least play a constant projection of the thing we had been, a shadow cast in perpetuity.

Computers surpass human abilities as it is and they are the future with us or without us. A machine can travel through the great coldness of space far more efficiently than flesh. If climate change makes the earth too hot, a computer can place itself into space where it is cooler and hang out there for a few millennia. A machine could play a near infinite waiting game.

A reduction in human babies is a necessity to reducing climate change. Besides with nanotechnology, who needs bio-type babies? Machines can self-replicate and adjust for optimal functioning. Humans, with their genetic flaws, need machines to engineer out deformities and diseases. Efficiency rules.

Just how important is it to save the planet for biological specimens? At some point, a symbiotic relationship stops being useful. The future of keyboards and screens looks dim.

Summer Dreams

At the feeder sits a yellowing finch

One week from spring away.

A new bottle of coconut rum

And a bottle of Rosé waiting

To be iced and mixed

With soda water and lime

For sunny, summer patio evenings.

While my finch yellows

The snow still flies.

The heat I used to dread

Is now my deepest wish

As the grave coldly beckons.

An End to It

Too old for blogging

Yet here you spew much nonsense

Death the only cure