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Down With Islam, Long Live Islam

Howard Dean told us that Muslim terrorists are not Muslim. That is probably news to them. Instead Dean calls these people a cult.

In this version of doublespeak, pedophile Catholic priests are not Catholic, they are a cult. Yet the world reviles pedophilia in the Catholic church as a horrific part of the whole, in fact, as a powerful representation of this whole.

Too much misrepresentation of the truth today passes for truth. We have lost the ability to use judgement and logic. Our language and thought processes are meant to trick us.

“Arabic activists” call themselves Muslim. Take their word for it. Why try to pigeonhole them into something else?

Call out the crap as you see it.

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

It’s been 30 years since my last confession.

For $1.99 I can get Confession: A Roman Catholic App to use on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

It doesn’t replace the dark confessional booth alongside a real priest, but it does try to get me back in the habit of recording my sins and walk me through the process of confession.

This is not the first application created to help Catholics with confession, but it is the first to get official approval from a church authority. It has been tested and proved that it adheres to the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

Catholics are going less and less to confession and when they do, they go in scared and forget what they were going to say and how to say it. It’s a good fit if you are out of the confession loop for a long time and don’t know what to do once you get in that dark little room. The purpose of this app is to revive interest in confession and help a Catholic prepare for the sacrament.

I remember my First Confession. After all us kids filed through the booth, the priest came out angry. According to him, our sins were not serious enough. I’m sure many of us confessed that we talked back to our parents. But I doubt that we had the time or inclination to do some really serious sinning such as adultery or murder. If only the confession app had been invented, I would have been able to make that priest proud of the sins I could surf through and repeat as my own.

The confession app goes through the 10 Commandants and asks you questions after each one. Then you can check a box next to a sin if it applies to you. You can refer to it while in confession. It has a space on the app to record absolution or penance from the priest. It even has an amen prompt.

Will it work? Probably not with me. I don’t have an iPad nor an iPod. My cell phone is an old Nokia dinosaur that takes no photos, no texting (took it off when salespeople started texting me), and certainly no Internet. So the excuses continue. There is no help for the wicked.