Useful Idiot

Would you get a haircut from a White Supremacist?

My husband’s barber told him a story. She is not shy about her conservative point-of-view and one of her long-time clients complained about her right-leaning politics. The client did not understand how someone could support any conservative politician or political view. She ended by calling the shop owner a White Supremacist.

But she kept coming back to get a haircut! A self-proclaimed progressive, leftist woman allows a scissor-wielding racist to cut her hair?

The shop owner is an immigrant from the Middle East. She recalled this crazy incident and then said, “What do I know, I’m just a fucking Arab.” She was surprised by and angry at this insanity taking place in her new home of America. She thought freedom came with immigration.

At first I wondered if the conservative media and politicians were exaggerating when they claimed random and diverse people are being labeled as White Supremacists. But apparently if you label someone as evil over and over again, it becomes a Madison Avenue kind of truth. And in turn, the useful idiots perpetuate this slanted truth.

But why return to the scene of the crime? Is she hoping for a nick from those scissors? Ah, that would make a good story. The kind the internet likes.

Maybe the useful idiots are in fact taking over.

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