Sex and the Green New Deal

Alexandria, I am also horrified at the income inequality gap between men and women. I know your Green New Deal is only a start, and is not fully fleshed out. I suggest you examine a twofold problem when dealing with this pay gap:

1. Young women are choosing to stay home with their children in alarming numbers and delaying careers or foregoing them.

2. Women are still the primary child caregivers and adequate daycare is not universal.

I know young women with degrees, some of those degrees are at a master’s level. Yet they willingly have chosen to let their education stagnate and stay at home with young kids. I see young women without much education also staying at home and not contributing to society with viable jobs and wages. I know of only one young couple that have bucked the trend and decided to keep the husband at home with their children while the wife works.

None of these options are optimal. Laws can be written to keep women in the workforce and make it against the law to aspire only to the degrading position of housewife. Husbands need not sacrifice their prime earning years by staying at home. To solve these problems, we can update and implement ideas from the ancient text “The Republic of Plato.”

Taking a cue from Plato, we can get rid of the unpalatable “Ozzie and Harriet” nuclear family model.

You can do this by:

1. Implementing public nurseries where no child knows their parents and no parent knows their child. Professional child caregivers take care of babies and children therefore solving all daycare issues. Dangerous ideas of religion, gun ownership, and individuality can be eradicated by proper education. It does take a village.

2, Segregate the sexes and share partners. This could solve the problems women encounter before they join the me-too movement. Sexual interaction should be controlled and completely voluntary. Of course today, the sexes must number far more than the two Plato wrote about in his work. All doable.

3. Plato’s Republic consisted of an educated upper class of Philosophers and Warriors that owned no private property. The working class was uneducated and kept their children and possessions since they were minimal and irrelevant to the system. We could elevate the working class and remove their private property and children as well. And once again, provide the proper education.

Alexandria you could become the leader of the Philosopher decision-makers Plato so admired. I cheer you on.

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