On Board With No Boarding

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I support your Green New Deal resolution.

A “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” with an aggressive 10-year implementation policy to get rid of fossil fuels is great. Goodbye air travel!

I hate air travel. I hate travel. I hate the question, “Where did you go on vacation this year?” Spider like, in my corner nook, I read and spin a few stories. AOC you have provided me with an excuse to do what I love! I’m green and clean, leave me alone!

I’ve been living your Green New Deal my whole life. I should be getting paid for my low-fossil fuel consumption.

I have suggestions:

Confiscate all private planes, small and large. They don’t need to be all alone on those flights when it is more democratic to travel like steerage on a cramped-to-capacity plane. Less fuel to transport more people. Until, with any luck, air travel will end.

Call the gang; Beyonce, DiCaprio, Oprah and the rest. Tell them that the world will end if they keep up their rich people ways.

Severely cut President Trump’s Air Force One travel. Allow only really, really, really important travel with foreign leaders. But never Putin. You would like that.

The rest of Washington should be virtually grounded. Tell Nancy to slow down. Amtrak could expand. Greyhound still operates. Until that too ends.

Seriously, I would cut my driving way down if it wasn’t for self-preservation. Drivers are blind to pedestrians and bicyclists. Walking and bicycling in our car culture is a suicide mission. Much of my travel is within four miles from home. A safe, zero-car route would be great. Good grief, another cost to consider.

Ultimately, the problem of climate change, if it is to be solved, will nesessitate turning back time. Less people, less machines. The Europeans created those infernal machines, slow it all down. That is the answer. The good old days of the 1960’s and 1970’s, “Population Resources Environment” and “The Population Bomb.” Paul Ehrlich had it right. It’s the people stupid and their mass consumption.

Eventually the goal should be to travel no more than 20 miles from the place you were born. Your resolution is telling truth to the average smuck. Don’t let DiCaprio weasel out of this. I’m counting on you.


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