The Butterfly Effect: Wings, Blades, Eyelashes

Layman books on physics litter a portion of my bookshelf. I’ve read some of them and do remember the butterfly effect. A butterfly in Africa flutters its wings and a hurricane develops near the Florida coast. The innocuous becomes the monumental.

If the delicate wing of a butterfly alters events so dramatically, what about windmills? While windmills create a more benign form of energy, they may also alter events on this planet.

Machines and humans live symbiotically. Separation may no longer be possible. Machines keep increasing farm yields to keep both the weak and strong alive. Computers run commerce, governments, medical, and artistic endeavors. Travel, the worldwide version we crave, requires machines that consume vast amounts of energy. Small-tech devices meld with our bodies.

Over 7 billion pairs of human eyelashes flutter today. Nature tries to cull our ranks with bacterias and viruses and we fight back.

The human/machine creatures root for a clean, healthy planet. To maintain both is irrational. At some point, something must be sacrificed.


9 responses to “The Butterfly Effect: Wings, Blades, Eyelashes

  1. Its another way of saying everything is linked or all roads lead to Rome.
    My future unfolds and if I did one thing differently its a different future.
    It is the great illusion of determinism and has led such clever neuroscientists like the brilliant Sam Harris to declare the self and free will are illusions.
    One small point Nature or what Richard Dawkins called the Blind Watchmaker does not try. Special selection has no end in view, no purpose and no axe to grind. Only humans grind axes.

    • The Save the Planet movement rubs me the wrong way. It wants to keep the modern, mechanical world (at least for the most powerful) while simultaneously it wants a return to Eden. A windmill is just another ax.

      • Eden is a lovely concept until you get cold and hungrey. We rich westerners have learnt to live well and enjoy all our advances like the one I’ m using right now. We must pay the price in the end, but you must not be too hard on the greens they think we have the ability to control our destiny.

      • Yes, just how much of our destiny we can control is questionable.

      • Sam Harris believes the self and free will are both illusions and its all laid down in the past.

  2. I agree with you.

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