To Deny Is Science: Climate Change

I love science. Even though I studied literature in college, I’ve always love to read about and watch shows about science. Some of my favorite writers wrote in the 19th century, a time when people found a greater freedom to explore science with a lesser chance of getting burnt at the stake or beheaded. A lot of the literature of this time period discussed and criticized the scientific sphere.

I believe in the theory of evolution. I believe in the big bang theory. And I am open to modifications or invalidations of scientific theories. That’s the way science works, so I thought. Science is always up to be challenged.

Issac Newton presented theories that were proven wrong at a later date. So did Einstein. Scientific theories get torn apart to see if they can stand.

So I am disheartened to hear President Obama and his administration assert that “climate change is real” and all discussion is closed. That ceases to be science and starts to become a weird sort of dogma.

Why won’t the believers in man-made climate change debate people that do not buy into this theory wholeheartedly? Scientist vs. scientist. Let there be a free-flowing discussion and experimentation.

The man-made climate change believers are veering onto a pathway to anti-science. Something smells rotten in government. Build upon knowledge, do not create a 21st century Western version of the Islamic Four Great Doctors from the 13th century. I’ve developed a taste for freedom. Let’s be free to think.

6 responses to “To Deny Is Science: Climate Change

  1. Issac Newton’s theories were not proved wrong cases were found were they did not work. They worked for slow moving large objects and still do. It would be better to say they were extended.
    The leaders are the majority of scientists the rest have followed their lead since they believe they are right.
    None of us are free to believe what ever we like that would be madness.

    • I agree. We can’t all believe in whatever we want. Science thrives by testing its ideas. Newton and Einstein would be shocked to think science could become static. Adjustments and/or downright errors in science are part of the process. Statistics can be skewed. I don’t swallow this “majority of scientists” idea. There is opposition in the scientific community. Fight it out and may the best theory win.

      • It has never been static even among those who ascribe to climate change there are considerable variations. In science the majority can be wrong but more often they are right.
        It takes skill to unravel statistics and they can be deliberately twisted. Its difficult for us laymen but we have to do our best to look at the experts and decipher the truth.
        Personally I find the case for human involvement in climate change convincing.
        The other danger that can disturb our deliberations is not being open-minded but wanting to prove things the way we like best. It is sometimes very difficult to be honest with ourselves.

      • Conservation of resources, waste reduction, new and better energy sources should be everyone’s goals whether or not climate change is 100% man-made or not. I just do not want a government that is hostile toward anyone (especially scientists) that questions the degree of man-made climate change or the ability of mankind to fix this climate. I am open-minded to this exploration.

  2. Climate change is a scientific fact, but I also am disheartened by the simplistic messages that are fed to the public. The extent to which climate change threatens us is uncertain. The solutions to reduce, reverse or manage it are very much open to debate. The degree to which climate change should be prioritised vs challenges like disease, poverty, ageing, etc needs to be discussed openly.

    Simply saying that climate change must be reversed at all costs is a political point of view, not a scientific one.

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