Junk Around the House

Daily Prompt: Clean House
Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

The junk in my life has few places to hide. I set forth on junk-finding and purging missions constantly. The more stuff I have, the more I feel it controls me somehow. A crowded house is a crowded mind and heart in my viewpoint. I edit at every turn.

The ways I eliminate junk:

I make a short trip to my local Salvation Army drop off center to donate usable stuff I don’t want. The Vietnam Veterans or Purple Heart trucks also frequently pick up donations in my neighborhood.

I use worn out cotton t-shirts or towels for cleaning rags. I’ve sewn tote bags from old but still useable fabric. Old sheets or shower curtains make a great floor covering during cleaning or painting. That old shower curtain protects the trunk of my car during flower and vegetable planting season.

Throw Out
My city recycling center gets some of the junk. The rest gets thrown out for the garbage men to pick up. Even the trash on the curb attracts garbage pickers that I guess repurpose the junk or try to sell the metal parts off of it.

The few garage sales I’ve taken part in never seem to make it worthwhile for me. Maybe I can’t talk up the value of the junk on display. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to make my living as a salesman. Although I’ve sold a few things on Craigslist. When all else fails, a posting for anything free on Craigslist is extremely effective. From an ancient 300 pound TV; hundreds of pounds of dead mother-in-law fabric; a pile of rocks, yes, there is a person out there willing to come by and pick up just about anything for free.

Stop Buying Crap
When cute stuff on the store shelves speak to me (like the TV commercials imply they do), I think twice about buying it. Usually that speaking object stays in the store for another consumer. When objects speak, I ask myself: Do I want it, do I need it, and where will I put it? That last question usually kills the desire to buy since I can’t stand the thought of clutter.

Growing up, my mother’s house was an unorganized mess. She never put anything away, in fact nothing had a place of its own. Once she used a pair of scissors, roll of tape, whatever, it got tossed someplace indiscriminately and could not be found the next time she needed it. At that point, the house got torn apart, more disorder, and I was often blamed for losing her stuff. I equate junk in my life as junk from my past that I don’t want to get buried in.

Clearing out junk and, more importantly, never bringing junk into the house, liberates me. I feel more peaceful and happy. The Asian Feng Shui idea suits me better than the one-who-dies-with-the-most-toys-wins idea.

With people like me, the economy will never take off again. Consume less, enjoy life more. Not a catchy slogan for a TV commercial.

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