Hillary Clinton and the Opium Eaters

For most of history, China had no interest in dealing and trading with Europeans. To the Chinese, China was the world in itself and the Europeans were barbarians. A few Europeans managed to  break these barriers, but the Chinese people tried to remain isolated.

Europeans greatly desired Chinese imports in the 1800’s, especially one product: tea. Eventually one product was found that the Chinese did desire to trade in: opium.

When the Chinese government tried to control the import of opium, the British went to war. Unfair treaties between China and Western countries allowed the West to trade with China while keeping them immune from Chinese laws.

The Europeans became the pushers imposing increased addiction upon the Chinese population.

A few years ago, Hilary Clinton acknowledged a link between the violent Mexican drug trade and the American consumer demand for the drugs peddled by the Mexican drug cartel. She said, “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade.”

The drug dealer would have no market if not for the user. She turned the addict- as-victim idea upside down. In this case, the addicted is as much at fault, if not more so, than the drug dealer.

Sympathies between the two situations, 1800’s China and modern-day America, are virtually opposite.

The evil Westerners harmed the Chinese people with the influx of opium. The Americans are at fault for the drugs streaming from Mexico, and, to some extent, the weapons being used by the Mexican drug dealers.

The trend and message of world opinion is to punish the West. Violence against Americans and Europeans is justified since the evil done in the past and the present by these people requires revenge.

What will be enough? Perhaps:

  • Encourage mass suicides among the evil (i.e., everyone in the West).
  • Stop trying to prevent more 9/11 events.
  • Stop influencing foreign countries politically and economically (get your shit together before getting involved in other people’s shit).
  • Step away from world power status (leading from behind in U.S. is a good start).
  • Become poorer (getting there).
  • Apologize more and beg more forgiveness.
  • Find a standard of living more equitable with the rest of the world (that means a lower standard of living, stop bitching America, it’s only fair).
  • Rape the rich.

Is this good enough for starters?


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