Daily Prompt: Smell You Later (All Over the Place)

Avon has made a perfume deodorant for many years. It has a strong following (future pun intended). This product caused me one of the most embarrassing and stinkiest moments in my life.

High School, science class. Little did I know an experiment was about to take place and I was the specimen to undergo a study.

I had seen this perfume deodorant advertised and I thought, hey, I have all kinds of perfumes (more likely cheap colognes with my budget), so why not use one of those in place of deodorant? So I splashed some on in the morning and off I go, proud of my innovative twist on an idea.

First hour, science. It gets a little warm and I begin to smell the perfume a bit. I get nervous and the smell gets stronger. Soon my perfume deodorant is like a ping pong ball bouncing through the classroom. Everyone thinks the smell is coming from something right next to them. It’s in the front row, no in the back, no they smell it in the middle of the room. The teacher smells it at the blackboard. It permeates the room.

The bell finally rings. I run to the bathroom, wet some paper towels, and scrub off that awful smell in the stall. To this day I can’t stand strong perfume and wear very little, even on appropriate body parts.

Funny that my science experiments in class always failed since I never came up with the correct textbook outcome. If I could have written up this experiment, I should have gotten an A. That stinks.


2 responses to “Daily Prompt: Smell You Later (All Over the Place)

  1. That does stink! While reading, my imagination is trying to place the smell that I can begin to faintly sense. . . floral, maybe a little musky – citrus perhaps. There are some places where perfume just shouldn’t go!

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