Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember the Coffee

My friend wants me to add a vitamin powder to my water and drink it in the morning instead of coffee. She said it’s healthy and makes you feel better than coffee. I’m not too sure about this idea. Morning would be even less palatable without the smell, taste, and ritual of that lovely brown liquid.

You see, I’ve been a coffee drinker from way back. Practically from breast to coffee cup. I think my grandparents brought this coffee-is-good-for-kids idea from Europe and my mother kept it going.

My mother and grandparents firmly believed that a hot or warm beverage was always healthier than any cold one. They avoided cold drinks. My grandfather’s favorite drink was hot water with a bit of milk mixed in. He lived to the age of 93 so maybe they were on to something.

My mother was shocked to learn that kindergarten classes offered a cold carton of milk halfway through the day. She insisted that the teacher remove my milk from the refrigerator about an hour before snack time so that it could turn lukewarm. Soon other mothers thought that was a good idea and three or four other milk cartons were warming up with mine. How many kids began to hate me at this point, I’m not sure.

In first grade, I had a Disney lunch box with a matching thermos. One day my mother filled the Disney thermos with coffee. During lunch, the thermos started to leak. I knew that everyone would discover my dirty little coffee-drinking secret.   The teacher set my leaky thermos in the sink while the other kids watched and speculated. Maybe it’s hot cocoa some of them said. But the coffee smell couldn’t be disguised. This coffee incident made the whole class think I was one strange kid. But it wasn’t me doing the brewing and pouring, I was just the recipient of drinking what “was good for me.”

My memories and addiction make letting go of my morning coffee nearly impossible. Yet I do rebel a little. Sometimes I order iced coffee at the coffee shop. My grandmother would never have understood cold coffee. It would have been her turn to be shocked and confused.


8 responses to “Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember the Coffee

  1. awesome memory. I got a good chuckle out of the Disney lunchbox and thermos. and really? coffee in first grade?!? 🙂 my dad (Italian) would let me have pane latte– stale bread soaked in coffee & milk & sugar. mmmm. but they never served me a cup of coffee till I was at least 12 or so. 😉

    • The coffee did have a lot of milk and sugar. The older I got, the less sugar I liked until I stopped using it. They also had me taste cherry liquor out of a shot glass when I was 3 or 4! (Maybe another story?) But I survived it all.

  2. Firstly, Wowwwwww man! You were a one wonder kid back then 😉 And I am gonna get ma own cup of coffee 😀 Grea’ writing

  3. I too cannot start my day without a cup of coffee. I feel that it is a great pick me up. You were not a strange kid, just one that likes coffee. Great story!

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