It Was a Good Idea at the Time: Why I Blog

My friend told me to start a blog. She said everyone has one these days and you’ve got some crazy ideas to write about.

I figured she might be right since I had so many brilliant ideas floating around in my head. It was a shame not to share them with others or at least just get them written down. Yes, set my brilliance free for the universe to enjoy!

Translating those ideas into words on the computer is far more difficult than I imagined.

First I try to capture those floating ideas. I make some quick notes. Then, I start writing out the basic thoughts into sentences. Rough sentences, rough like a jagged rock.


My Jagged Blog
image from

If I thought it would be more like a worry stone, a smooth, polished gem from the start, I was dead wrong.

Unlike the worry stone, my jagged rock blog fills me with stress instead of relieving it. Instead of soothing away troubles, it leaves my fingers a scratched up, bloody mess.

Since I can’t manage a polished gem, I try to write just one nice paragraph. Sometimes I’m happy to write one decent sentence instead.

The Blog I Wantimage from calm

The Blog I Want
image from calm

My great thoughts never come out quite the same as they appeared in my mind when they were unformed and only theoretical. Those ideas were far better roaming about. My problem started when I tried to make them so concrete. If only I could stop falling down and skinning my knees.

My friend encouraged me to blog; I wish she had told me that blogging is bloody work. Yet I keep clawing my way through this rough terrain. I guess it’s not all painful. I’m learning that everyone wants to be a writer, but only a few write well. Who knows, those hard edges may be on the brink of becoming a cool, green, smooth piece of jade.


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