Dead or Alive: Cigars and Animation

According to my grandmother, live television programming was the only way to go. Watching something prerecorded was like being cheated, just not fair.

So when the Flintstones aired in September 1960, she believed a great evil was let loose on the world. It doesn’t get any more not live than animation and on prime time at that.

I thought her point of view was unique when it came to TV watching protocol. Until I found out that my husband’s grandfather held this same viewpoint.

Edie Adams was an attractive singer and actress many years ago. She also appeared in the sexy commercials for Muriel Cigars with her catch phrase of, “Why don’t you pick one up and smoke it sometimes?” Muriel Cigars, a quality cigar for only 10 cents each! (This was a long time ago.)

Edie Adams Muriel Ad

Edie Adams in a Muriel Cigar ad

Anyway, Edie married the comedian Ernie Kovacs back in the 1950s, and he died in a car crash in 1962. Well grandpa was watching TV and Edie Adams came on and started singing and dancing. He shouted out, “That’s not real, she wouldn’t be singing and dancing right after her husband died, this is prerecorded garbage.”

Grandma and grandpa were born in the 19th century and lived more time on earth without television than with it. Now, even the “live” stuff may have a few seconds of delay before airing just in case something needs to be beeped out or covered up. I don’t even want to think about what they would have said about the ease at which computers can manipulate images today.

My life is prerecorded, distorted, overloaded. How do I change this channel?

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