Titanic Failure

I’m the last person in the world! . . that hasn’t seen the James Cameron film Titanic.

Or so I felt after I got back from the Titanic artifact exhibition at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. While viewing the exhibit, a docent commented that the first, second, and third class passengers were segregated on the ship. The levels of the ship that housed each ticket class were locked off by gates and staircases that would not allow the passengers to mix with each other during the voyage. So Rose and Jack would never have got together on the real ship in 1912.

It clicked in my head that Rose and Jack must be the characters in the movie played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. And that the docent just assumed that everyone must have seen the 1997 movie.

Would I have shocked the tour guide if I told him that I never saw the movie? Has anyone else out there not seen Titanic?

Cameron’s Avatar and Titanic are the top two worldwide grossing films of all time. This shows a severe lack of cultural reference on my part. Yet I find the drama and tragedy of the real 1912 event is enough for me to imagine.

But to redeem myself, I did see Avatar. Although the way I saw it may not even count. I checked it out on a DVD from my local library a few months ago and watched it on a bulky, 25-inch, picture-tube television, circa 1995. No HD, no 3D, maybe not worth watching.

I’ve got to get myself into the 21st century. Or have I already missed the boat?

6 responses to “Titanic Failure

  1. I DID see it way back when, but long after it hadn’t been in the movies any longer and only because one night at the video store (yeah I just dated myself) one of my friends said ‘Hey lets get Titanic’. that was the only time I saw it. So in a sense I’m still behind to b/c many people saw it many times and flocked to the movies when it got re-released. But I haven’t seen Avatar yet, soooo…. yeah can’t redeem myself on that one!

  2. Just letting you know that I think you’re pretty awesome and I’ve nominated you for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’… for more information check out my blog post at http://lolosofocused.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/me-versatile-why-thank-you/

    But here are the rules as well.

    If you choose to accept my nomination of your awesomeness you must:

    *Add the award to your blog.
    *Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.
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    *List the rules.
    *Give the award to 15 or more bloggers

    *Even if you don’t have 15 that’s cool but still let someone else know you like their blog… You could very well make their day!*

    P.S. Did you hear that someone is wanting to make a TITANIC 2? No not the movie- THE ACTUAL SHIP!!

    • Thank you for such high praise of my blog. I do appreciate it.

      Is there a timeframe attached to this award? I follow Freshly Pressed blogs and comment or like them if I do. Also I search topics and enjoy some blogs there too. I don’t know if I can award 15 other blogs since my reading is more random.

  3. I would say No to the time frame, at least in my opinion… Also, even if you have a few at the moment you should send them some love… I didn’t come up with 15 favorites but am keeping other’s in mind as time passes ya know!

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