That and a Pink Plastic Skull Will Buy Me a Cup of Coffee

Back in the days when a dime could buy you a cup of coffee, an old saying was, “that and a dime will buy you a cup of coffee.” And whatever the “that” was, was in fact useless since you still needed the dime for the coffee.

Today a dime won’t buy me a cup of coffee, but I have something better; a pink plastic kitchen sink scrub brush.

Last year the baby shower invites came hot and heavy in the mail. I played my share of baby shower games, ate the required chicken salads, and watched the unwrapping of baby presents.

At one shower I finally won on the Baby Bingo game. So up to the prize table I went. I had been eyeing a bottle of wine sitting on that table early on, but at this late stage of the game it was gone.

What was left on the table was an assortment of scented candles. I go out of my way to buy unscented candles since the phony candle aromas make me sick. One time I left a pine-scented candle outside for a week in order to air out the cheap men’s cologne smell it was emitting in the house. That didn’t work and it still got tossed in the trash.

Next to the candles on the prize table were the bath oils. Since I prefer a shower over the one or two baths I may take a year, the oils didn’t call out to me either.

Only one prize spoke to me. A hot pink plastic kitchen scrub brush with jet black bristles jutting out of the back of its skull head. Not that common of a sight at my local grocery store, and maybe a little crazy, but still useful. So I walked back to my table clutching my new gift.

The skull buys me coffee.

Soon after I won my brush, the grandmother-to-be made an announcement. She bet her son (the dad-to-be) that no one would pick this demented kitchen utensil. So she bought it and decided to award a special prize to the person that dared to pick a skull brush for their kitchen sink.

The special extra prize was a gift card to Starbucks.

I always knew that my strangeness would garner an appropriate recognition someday. That and a cup of coffee.

2 responses to “That and a Pink Plastic Skull Will Buy Me a Cup of Coffee

  1. What a way to win a cup of coffee! Good for you…

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