My Sacred Cow

Government spending could use a buzz cut. The next time I hear about federal funds providing a grant to study shrimp on treadmills, I may run screaming down the street. Federal money gets thrown around just so money can get spent. Is this the way we really want to stimulate the economy? Do something that matters.

Instead, throw that money at the libraries.

I ran across an article in a newspaper about the Geek the Library program. Then I found out more about it online –

This website brings together people that value the library, encourages them to express why they value it, and asks them to pass on the message.

The world’s in an economic mess. Library funding is often on the cutting board. A nearby county library did close due to budget cuts. Libraries are fighting for their lives.

A large, well-regarded library by me nearly closed down due to cuts in funding. At the last moment before closing, a community movement succeeded to keep it open.

This might be where the Geek the Library program comes in.

This program highlights the incredible benefits libraries offer to society:

  • See how much money a family can save by borrowing material from a library instead of buying the items.
  • Think outside the book (although books are a big enough draw for me to go there). Libraries house DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, and free computers to write letters or search online. You can even get a pass to go to a museum.
  • Discover the job search resources. Ironically, the worse the economy gets, the more people use the library. People research companies on the Internet, write resumes, and email them out.

Personally, I love to go just to wander about the shelves. I discover books that I have never heard of or books that I forgot about wanting to read.

If I had to choose the lesser of two evils, I would sooner cut funding to public schools than libraries. Schools need an overhaul so that they work for all children before more money gets thrown at them.

The library is a terrific basis for self education. Empower yourself. A library is a true leveler of society; only death can do better.

Maintaining libraries is not a waste; it can only improve society. Let the shrimp buy a health club membership.

I Geek Isabel Allende, Emily Dickinson, Herman Melville, Chinua Achebe, Carson McCullers, Jane Austen, Toni Morrison, D.H. Lawrence, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Robert Pirsig, Muriel Barbery, Thornton Wilder, and others (some undiscovered yet by me).

3 responses to “My Sacred Cow

  1. Well said. I love to go and discover as you do. It’s fun and, may I say, educational!

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