A Summer to Love

Today is a perfect summer day. Perfect as in the weather. The humidity is gone. The sky is blue with a few puffy clouds, the sun is not pounding down hot. Last I checked the temperature was 74 degrees. I could live this way for the rest of my life. Let me find a land that has this kind of weather and I may move there.

But then again, how would I know how good this day was if I didn’t have the hot, unbearable summer days or the freezing snows of winter? This day would be so common that my love for it would be weaker.

Emily Dickinson preferred to live in a land with both snow and sun. She liked to study the life and death cycle of the four seasons. Least she forgot that the body will not always be warmed by the sun.

So I will love this day and may look forward to a sweltering tomorrow. And an icy day a few months down the road.

One response to “A Summer to Love

  1. I love the four seasons in Michigan… love it!

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