Drinking and Christmas Cookies Don’t Mix

The Christmas season is a dangerous time of year for my husband since it involves drinking and baking.

We usually make a shopping trip to stock up on alcoholic beverages for the holiday company. The holidays also get me inspired to bake four or five varieties of cookies. That’s when the trouble can begin.

Inevitably, I run out of key baking ingredients just in the middle of the cookie-making process. I think I have enough butter for the next batch but I run out.  So my husband asks the wrong question, “Do you need anything from the grocery store?”  Yes, another pound of butter is all I need now. This seems to happen when he is about to venture out on his beer and wine shopping trip.

So two 12-packs of beer, four bottles of wine, and a pound of butter later he comes home and unpacks.  After he unpacks and looks over his purchases he wonders what the check-out person might of thought about his grocery combination.  Maybe this old guy was planning a wild, last tango in Paris kind of time.

No such luck, just a bunch of old folks sitting around having a drink or two and eating cookies.

So another time he goes out, buys a bottle or two of liquor for that lemon drop martini recipe and a case of beer.  And, oh yea, a box of corn flakes for a recipe we want to try out.

The cashier kept smiling as she guided his items through the scanner and finally said to him, “All I want to know is, how does the box of corn flakes figure into all of this?”

How indeed.


2 responses to “Drinking and Christmas Cookies Don’t Mix

  1. Love the graphics, Donna! Adds so much to a page.. I am really trying to do that more!

    Article is funnier reading it then when you chatted about it. Cliff should have had a good story for that clerk asking about the corn flakes!!

    Love, Wendy

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