Too Sensitive for Our Skin

Let the Muslim population reconsider the Islamic center they are planning to build near the burnt-to-the-ground Twin Tower site in New York City.

I have been all for a greater understanding of other people and cultures and still am.   Quoting Sly and the Family Stone, “We got to live together.” Without a doubt this is the best way to go.

Yet I’m tired of the rest of the world railing against Americans and our history. I’m also tired of Americans railing against themselves and their history.

The perception: any value or good created by America will never trump over its inherent evil.  America has run rampant over so many people in the past that we must now repent and beat ourselves up while we make amends to the rest of the world.

Perhaps there is nothing nefarious in the construction of the Islamic center in New York City.  But I say that it should be stopped.  If the New York location hurts the memory of the people that died in 2001, stop it.  If some Americans question the sense of building this center so close to the Towers and so close in time to the attack, stop it.  If this is a sensitive issue, listen and stop.

This Islamic center is not crucial to the existence of Muslim people in America.   If the Muslim world wants to live in harmony with the Western world, start by showing some concern for our culture and pain. If no one gives a damn about America, maybe we can’t live together after all.

One response to “Too Sensitive for Our Skin

  1. Very well said. I agree whole-heartedly with you. We’re too politically correct and get lost in tiptoeing around everyone else, which leads us to stomping on our own values.

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