Jagger and Clinton Still Rock

The Internet reporter was wrong.

Back in June Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton sat next to each other during the World Cup.  I found this out as I scanned an Internet story about this event.  The reporter wrote that both Jagger and Clinton are “has beens.”

How can you call the President of the United States a has been?  Sure he has been a president but the prestige stays with you for life and lives in history.

Mick Jagger, an integral part of my favorite group, will always be the prototype of lead rock singers.  For nearly fifty years, his music has not faded away.

Apparently, to the author of that story, these old guys have lost all relevance mainly because they aren’t signing any new bills into law or recording new music at the moment.  Should famous people stop showing up in public places after their fame is more past than present?

I doubt it.  So they are old.  Their identity and accomplishments will never leave them.

Internet reporter, may obscurity continue to hound you so that you will never become famous and irrelevant in old age.

5 responses to “Jagger and Clinton Still Rock

  1. Wooo Hoooo! You go girl!

    Absolutely right — just because someone is older, doesn’t mean we are “has beens”. No way…

    Sock it to him! (70s, get it?)

  2. Many journalists seems to have feelings of inadequacy which they mask by finding others to denigrate. Old people are an easy target. Sad for its own sake and also because we need sensible journalists to help us look at the challenges in a quickly-changing America.

    I’ve been retired for a long time, only blogging for four-plus years. It has been a terrific way to work on my thinking and writing. Glad to have found you via Retiree Blogs.

    • I agree with you that blogging is a great way to work on thinking and writing. Somehow it’s easier to start a draft or publish on my blog than handwrite or type something in Word on my computer. When I press the publish button, it’s out there – kind of a thrill even though I’m swimming with so many.

  3. Here, here. Clinton and Jagger ROCK!

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