Retirement Celebration

After my friend retired, I took her out to lunch on her first Monday as a retiree. I spied a martini on the menu made out of green tea liqueur. Who knew, we could lap up some good antioxidants and get a buzz at the same time?  So of course we both ordered it.  The friendly waiter even told us that Thursday was 1/2 off martini day.  So when I retire this may be my new favorite lunch spot.

At the start of her first work-free week, she told me was starting to deep clean her bathroom.  She worked for nearly 40 years and this is how she honors her first day off?  Of course she took a break, cleaned herself up, and came to the restaurant.  I assumed she went back home to do more deep cleaning.  I didn’t ask how long this took.  It may still be going on for all I know.

What is deep cleaning?  I clean my own house and people always say it looks so clean.  But I don’t think I deep clean.  Deep cleaning to me is redecorating. Wash walls?  Never.  That’s what paint is for.

My house is rather organized and minimalist.  Since there isn’t too much stuff laying about, it looks cleaner than it really is.

So on my first Monday after retirement, you can bet that I won’t be deep cleaning anything. Maybe I’ll read all day.  Or start taking a new exercise class.  Sip my morning coffee very slowly while looking at the birds eating breakfast.  I might spend some time reorganizing the house and making donate or sell piles.  Lighten up the material possessions and concentrate on spirituality.

And then there’s always green tea martinis.  Drink up retirees.


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