Messing With the Squirrels

My husband is a tall, hairless squirrel that is too stupid to know how to hide his food stash.  Or at least that is what the squirrels in our yard must have thought.

He sets out corn cobs near the birdseed in plain view for the Blue Jays.  The squirrels come and eat the corn too.  We imagine that these little rodents must be laughing, in a squirrelly kind of way, at this inept large creature and his total lack of food-stashing skill.

The laughter stopped on Bed Mulch Day.  Tall Hairless bought a pile of cedar mulch and set it on the driveway.  The squirrels had no interest in this event.  That is until he began pulling weeds, moving old mulch about, and replenishing the old bark with the new.

All day long, one squirrel ran back and forth across the yard, up and down the trees during Bed Mulch Day.

When I got home, my husband said that he cleaned up the yard. And he also mentioned that a squirrel kept dashing around him all day.

I said, of course he did, you just disturbed the buried food hoard in all that old mulch.  Frequently I observed squirrels stuff corn kernels and seed into their cheeks and scurry over to bury it in an inviting bit of mulch.  Sometimes they scrounged around the chipped bark and ate the buried treasure.

Bed Mulch Day was a fiasco for the squirrel world.  They must have rued the day they first laughed at the tall, hairless one that seemed so foolish but ended up turning their hard work into a joke on them.

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