Hitting the Glass Wall

After hearing a loud thump against the window at the back of the house, I saw the dead blackbird lying on the patio.  Not more than an hour later, another thump at the front window and another dead blackbird, this time on the front porch.  Other times, birds fly into my windows but are only momentarily stunned and fly off again seemingly unscathed.

I have some colored glass on a couple windows and a large plant hanging in front of the sliding glass door.  Obviously not enough to keep the birds from flying into the glass.

I coax them over with seed and plenty of trees and bushes for them to perch on or build their nests.  But my house is dangerous to the birds since the windows deceive them.  The glass must appear to them as a pass through but instead their small bodies get slammed.

I read in the news that 98 million birds, mostly wild songbirds, are killed each year from window collisions.

Some decals attached to the windows could prevent birds from getting injured.  The decals have a coating on them that reflects ultraviolet sunlight which is nearly invisible to people but birds see the decals as a glowing stoplight and fly away.   One company sells them on http://www.WindowAlert.com.

I don’t know if they work but it may be worth a try.

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