Television Deprivation

When I was a kid, I was allowed to watch TV in half-hour increments and only for a total of one hour per day.  I owned few toys. I remember a set of colored pencils and glass beads that became props for elaborate play stories in my head. Things were limited and only imagination was limitless.

Very young, I was drawn to the passive, solitary act of reading. Reading was an intense experience compared to the limited stimuli allowed into my life.

Therefore, I do not anticipate the advent of more 3D movies and 3D TV.  The 3D experience provides too much visual stimulation while I am sitting in my chair.  In my head, not pleasant.  A steady diet of  3D would be too intense and I hope it will not be my only option in the future.

With or without glasses, I don’t want it. Keep the flat screens two dimensional; after all the message, for the most part, is not that deep. I’m an unplugged freak in an electronic world.  Blame my upbringing. I always do.


2 responses to “Television Deprivation

  1. I’d be more apt to say INTROVERTS don’t care for the stimulation…. That is my theory and I’m sticking with it.

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