Backyard Disneyworld

I knew I was clueless about something going on in my backyard when I went to work.  I was missing all the activity.

Then I found out what it was when I came home early one day after an afternoon dental appointment.  Blackbirds gone wild, in an orderly kind of way.  The attraction: the cement birdbath.

Nearly a dozen blackbirds lined up single file waiting their turn at the birdbath.  They all waited in line on a branch of a fir tree near the bath.  The next in line jumped off the tree, dived into the water, while the rest moved down a notch on the branch.  When the two bathers were done, the next set of birds jumped in while the soaking wet ones went back to the end of the line. No bird out of turn.  No bird taking more than its fair share of splash time.

And so it went on for at least a quarter of an hour.  It was all very orderly; Disneyworld must see more scuffles between the people waiting in line for the Dumbo ride.  Cooperation and a good time was had by all, including me waiting in the wings and observing.


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