An HB thought regarding Homer Simpson and his frequent use of “Doh.”

Matt Groening claims that the expression came from an actor in the old Laurel and Hardy movies.  I say the word is a homophone based on the acronym for the Department of Energy or DOE. That’s my spin.

Homer works at a nuclear power plant where safety is not a major concern.  The Department of Energy is a massive government bureaucracy that can frustrate people as well as the next government bureaucracy.  Nuclear energy has a brand new PR that states it is one of the safest forms of energy today. This new PR may be a trick to mislead us into thinking it is benign.  Since we need more energy sources, losing a few lives to the manufacturing of it is acceptable.

And don’t get me started on nuclear waste storage.  There is no safe place to put it.  We can’t truck it across the country to some designated waste site, the cost to keep it safe on its journey is prohibitive.  The waste will stay right next to the plants that produce it. The more plants, the more waste, the more chances for error.  I say “Doh” to nuclear PR.

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