Ayn Rand Intersects Madonna

At first glance, Madonna’s liberal views appear to be in sharp contrast to Ayn Rand’s philosophy.  Yet they are both Material Girls.

That larger than life poster of Ayn Rand that appears at some Tea Party rallies seemed disconcerting at first.  But she did believe that capitalism was the unknown ideal and she did experience the inequities of communism.  Rand believed in the ghost that may be given up in America.

I read Fountainhead in high school and it seemed like an oddly erotic novel. I thought I was unusual and sick to have this viewpoint, but I’ve talked to other people who felt the same way.  I’m sure Madonna could handle the strangely sexy scenes in this book.

When I read Atlas Shrugged about 15 years ago, I didn’t realize it sells almost as many copies as the Bible does each year.  In fact it has become a bible for some people.  I enjoyed Atlas Shrugged.  Although I was certain that Rand’s editor didn’t own a red pen since the book is so repetitive that 600 pages could get cut and all the main ideas would still get hammered home to the reader.  At first read, I was leery of the social Darwinism in the novel with no compassion for the weak.  The book strives to encourage positive values such as individualism, hard work, self-sufficiency, and creation of wealth.  All of which is common ground with Madonna.  Perhaps America does need more John Galts today.

Madonna is on the same page as many of Ayn Rand’s ideas, yet she goes off on a liberal tangent by comparing McCain to Hitler in one video montage and following that with another video comparison of Obama to Gandhi.

Extreme liberalism and great wealth don’t seem to mesh well together.  These two girls would probably have gotten along with each other better than expected.  Both strong women with comparable ideals.  But I won’t dwell on an image of Ayn Rand in fishnets.  At some point, the lines do not meet.


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