Bogged Down

It’s comfortable being nobody. Chances are, a blog won’t change that. I’ll advertise yet still remain private since it’s easy getting lost among the millions already out there.

I’ll take a stab at this diary with no lock. I guess I can’t pass up a chance at climbing up on a soapbox and pressing the send button. My half-baked ideas will join the electronic stew.

If my car had a bumper sticker, it would have to say “I’d Rather Be Reading.” Many people have told me that reading is the last thing they want to do on earth. A coworker at a past job said that I would fit in better if I spent some time drinking in a bar rather than spend my lunch breaks with a book. The glowing blue screens of computers and televisions consume so much of our time that reading a sustained narrative in a book is becoming obsolete. I’m a Luddite; perhaps a blog will drag me into the 21st century.


One response to “Bogged Down

  1. Electronic Stew? Haaaaaaaaaa!

    Love ya!

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