Losing Weight for the New Year

Years ago, my grandmother’s doctor told her that she must lose weight. She asked him if he recommended any exercise for her to do. He said, “Yes, push yourself away from the kitchen table.”  Good advice.

But I will continue exercising beyond the kitchen table. Along with overall weight control, I am certain that exercise improves my cognitive and my mental health.

For days I racked my brain to remember where I put some important papers. After a half an hour on an elliptical machine at the gym, I had a eureka moment and remembered where I hid the papers. The brain works better when the body moves.

If I shut myself in my reading nook for too long with no social interaction (an enticing proposition) I begin to fear for my mental health. I must get out to the gym or an exercise class to interact with people and move my body. Exercise improves my mood.

Moving away from the table and moving at the gym are all good. Now I’m waiting for the payoff of my exercises in futility.

Stay Home

“You better travel to Alaska while you can still see the glaciers. Climate Change is destroying them.”

That is what I heard from someone after she returned from an Alaskan excursion.

Air travel, with its voracious appetite for fossil fuel, contributes  to climate change. I prefer the term People/Machine/Stuff (PMS) Disaster.

Am I missing the point? Why see the glaciers when the act of seeing them begins to destroy them? Dramatic increases in the human population, the machine population, and the overproduction of stuff in general got us into this environmental mess. Perhaps only dramatic decreases will stop the glaciers from melting.

But imagine the misery inflicted by a systematic decrease in people, machines, and stuff?

Do nothing = pain. Do something = pain. We are living “Catch-22.”

Plastic Sucks the Life Out of Us

Less People, less Machines, less Stuff. The Democrats are saying exactly what I have been thinking and writing about concerning the real issues behind climate change.

New and improved sources of energy may or may not replace the old unsustainable and dirty energy sources of today. The end of these old sources will leave people in a polluted and literally a powerless position. Technology both gives and takes  life away.

No matter what the world does to prevent climate change, or the PMS Disaster as I see it, pain and suffering is in the future.

I ask for no straw to come with my drink  at a restaurant. More often than not, the wait staff automatically lays down a straw and rushes away before I protest.

If plastic is destroying this planet, why keep any of it? A twelve-year window to prevent the end of the world calls for drastic measures. Get rid of plastic straws and all things of their ilk.

What difference is there between straws and IV tubing?

Hospitals use miles of plastic tubing to keep people alive every day. Straws in our drinks seem frivolous, but can we differentiate between these two things that contain the same material of doom? A global catastrophe knows no distinction.

Choices must be made. Either the PMS Disaster is real or not. Maybe we can save only the best of the best in the human race with IV tubing. The sticky point is who decides?