The Apocalypse Keeps Coming: 9

For the first time in history the 21st century will see more older than younger people alive. Is underpopulation our future doom?

The overpopulation alarm has been ringing since the Industrial Revolution with more and more people over-consuming natural resources and building pollution-spewing machinery.

In 1798 Thomas Malthus wrote about the exploding population growth rate and how it will lead his generation to a certain doom. In his time, the world held about one billion people.

What is the ideal number of humans for planet earth? A smaller percentage of young people in the future may struggle to support a huge number of old people. Yet less people on the planet would be better for fixing the ills of climate change.

Both arguments carry valid points. But in our social-media driven world, the extremes get the attention. Moderation is boring. So the fight will go on.

The Apocalypse Keeps Coming: 8

It’s moving 68 miles per second and coming right at us. If that’s not bad enough, a smaller one is also coming and may hit first.

Talking galaxies here. In particular, Andromeda and Triangulum which are destined to hit the Milky Way. Our solar system may be tossed around intact into a new orbit or mass destruction may ensue.

Hang on, only four billion more years until impact.

All Things Must Pass

Earth dances near
Time moves ever slow
Arching inches apart
Fortuitous eyes on earth 
Spheres align blending joy with fear
Rock shades fire creating the awesome 
Moon escapes, none with vision left to see