Gays and Queers and Trans, Oh My!

Do not teach an LGBTQ+ curriculum in primary school. Not because it is inappropriate, but because it is already common knowledge. Children can’t wait to zero in on sexual subjects especially ones that adults view as taboo. Children know much more than you think due to advertising, television, movies and the unfettered access to the internet. The media showcases drag shows, no need for the real thing to show up in preschool. A few kids may search the internet to learn a complex algebraic formula, but I would gamble that sex is a far more popular topic in the search engines.

What children do lack is the knowledge of science, technology, engineering, math, language and history. Difficult subjects are the broccoli they need and not the candy they want. The sheer joy of learning and the possibility of finding meaningful work is the end game.

A family I know sends their children to a private Christian school. The mother wants to keep her children protected from perceived unsavory ideas being taught in public school. Her three children range in age from four years to nine years old. They all have their own tablets and if you try to remove them from their hands, a violent scream fest takes place blurring the difference between screens and heroin. “Unsavory ideas” have already reached their brains even if they never see a tainted public school kid.

Skip teaching a few of the 80 genders and start teach kids more Shakespeare instead. In his time, all the world was a drag show. Only men were allowed to act so that meant they played all the women’s roles as well. What impact did this have on the relationship between the actors and the audience? The all male troupe may have talked about kissing in the play but never did. Homosexuality was not a tolerated thing. Romeo and Juliet were young, sexually active teens in his play. Childhood came to an end much sooner in the past while we stretch out childhood by many years. Is delayed adulthood a good thing or does it create more problems for our time?

Alongside the isosceles triangle, I learned a valuable lesson about sex from my high school geometry class. The teacher pointed out that relationships are top-heavy with mundane daily activity such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, working and caring for kids. Sex ends up taking up a small percentage of time spent together. An overly romantic and highly sexual idea of relationships and marriage is not realistic.

So go watch some of that STEM porn on the computer. Passion is everywhere.

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All Roads Lead to Orange Barrels

Every spring the orange barrels go up and stay up through fall. Sometimes the same road gets worked on year after year. Maybe it’s all a ruse or planned obsolescence. And why can’t anyone coordinate construction so that at least one or two roads are open? Detour after detour leads to people sitting in cars burning fuel waiting for a way out.

Forget the mastodons, dig up an old Roman engineer instead. Activate his DNA and put him to work. So much of what the Romans built, still survives hundreds of years later while American roads crumble within a year.

The Romans must have had superior building methods, materials, bureaucracy and organization. Buildings, aqueducts, bridges, roads – so many stand today and are beautiful. Infinite orange barrels are not.