Dreams of a Voyeur

I confess, I am a voyeur. I spy on birds by luring them in with feeders, birdbaths and flowers. The squirrels come even though I don’t try to lure them in.

A utility area near the house was filled in with stones recently. The squirrels began to check out the terracotta-color stones immediately.

Through my kitchen window, I saw a squirrel pick up a stone, examine it intensely, take a nibble on it, then throw it down. What a silly squirrel, he thinks that rock is a nut. Then he picked up another one and ran off with it.

I guess he took it somewhere safe to hide until it was ripe enough to crack. Maybe a windowsill or the garage. Or in the flower beds and shrubs where I find many of those rocks half buried.

One night I had a vivid dream of this squirrel activity. In my dream I picked up a stone and nibbled at it. Then I said to myself, “The squirrels are right, these stones taste good.” Most dreams I forget, but this one keeps running through my head. This must be a case of squirrelmorphism. 

My Ulterior Self


Rich People Saving the Planet

Sheryl Crow’s public service announcement concerning toilet paper in 2007 must not be forgotten. Climate change will never end if people continue to waste resources.

As the pandemic emerged last year, her useful tips on saving toilet paper became all the more relevant.

Since I believe that Sheryl Crow has the best interests of our planet at heart, I’m sure she has implemented changes in her life to stop climate change and passed them on to her friends in the entertainment world.

Since she has been silent these past years, I have listed more climate-change busting solutions as follows:

  • Stop air travel for pleasure. Only allow plane travel for dire necessity such as transport of essential goods and services.
  • Open all mansions to the poor, homeless and immigrants. Huge houses waste space. Why should one or two people live in a home that could house dozens? Mansion owners repent and buy smaller homes.
  • Destroy the fashion industry. We can only wear one pair of pants at a time. Those monster-size closets in those mansions will become multi-family storage anyway. Pound a couple of nails in the wall and hang the few items of clothing that you need.
  • No swimming pools. Stop wasting water, stop polluting with chemicals, stop using electricity to heat and filter those pools.
  • No golf courses. The sprinkling systems waste water. The lawn-mowers pollute along with the chemicals to keep the grass weed-free and green. Less green is more green in this case.
  • Ban the private use of boats. Boats must be used for transport of essential goods and services only. An excess of boats wastes fuel and building materials.
  • Curtail excessive computer usage. Every click on a computer sucks out electricity. Use computers for essential work. End cat-video watching and celebrity-promoting breaking news stories. Allow no one to punch back for any kind of (fill-in-the-blank) shaming. Waste of energy, waste of time.
Create a better world

Bird Envy

a thing with feathers

I wish I could fly.

Outside of metal cylinders, 

Propelled by toxic fumes, 

My body earth-crust fastened.

By nature, birds surpass us,

But only by degree.

Still bound to lower atmospheres,

In need of earthly fare.

Higher realms stay inhospitable. 

A fellowship with feathers.